Quick stop at the drugstore equals another waste of money

What do you do if you have to wait 20 minutes before the bus arrives? Just sit on the bench and watch the traffic or check what's new at the drugstore?

Smart, lazy or greedy people would offcourse save their money and stay put. Too bad i'm not one of them

So yesterday i said to myself: I'm just gonna check without buying anything...well, we all know what happens next, right? Hehe

Fortunately these were on sale

Maybelline Water Shine Fusion in 712 Pink Potion (left) and 711 Rose boost (right)

711 is a bright pink with a slight plum undertone, 712 is pink with a bit peach in it with a pearly white (cooltoned) finish.
Neither of them actually look good on me, 711 looks a bit too pink and makes my skin look yellow and 711 is WAY too light because of the pearl finish.


One thing i did learn from this: my lips look incredibly orange compared to these lipsticks and 711 makes me look less yellow if i put a golden gloss on top --> i need to buy lipsticks with and orange/beige undertone.
No wonder every lipstick i've bought looked hideous and fake, it had the wrong undertones!

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