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Eventhough it's only the beginning of September, the temperature has dropped a lot these days and i feel like the summer is coming to an end...it just seemed like yesterday that i was lying on the beach, enjoying the warm strokes of sunrays *sigh*

Don't get me wrong, i like fall and winter too, in their own cold, wet and foggy way haha. No seriously, i love the beautifull reds of autumn and the pureness of white snow, the warm feeling you get of drinking hot coco... and big cozy scarves!

(Missoni fall 09)

Normally i'm always cold in the winter, no matter how big my sweaters are but looking at this i feel like i'm even ready for -10°C! Those scarves and gloves just look so soft, warm and cozy.

Which made me think, why don't i start knitting one of these myself?? It can't be that hard right? And it would be utterly foolish to spend, say 20 euros on something you can easily make youself for half the price!
And it would a good start for designing-and-sewing-my-own-clothes-project.

I already started searching for websites on this, i found this one with the basics on knitting and other helpfull stuff. It's in dutch but also has an English version.

I'm not quite sure how i want the scarf to be though... probably a light grey, no tassles, long enough so i can drape it around my neck but not too big, and the wool has to be soft.

Will be continued...

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