Keeping skin free of acne: tip #2

Without further ado i will tell you my second tip in fighting acne:

When you wash your face, massage your cleansing gel or cream in you skin for AT LEAST 2 minutes. Especially when you wear makeup!

You are probably wondering: why 2 minutes? Because i noticed when i washed my face in a hurry that i got more pimples (even if you use toner afterwards).
This was because i didn't cleanse every part of my face as well and also because my cleanser didn't have the time to do it's job.

So if you take your time, your skin will be cleaner and you will be sure that all parts of your face are properly washed.

Another reason i recommend this is that dentists often say you should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes to get all the dirt and bacteria off.
So i figured that a facial cleanser would also probably need more than 30 seconds to dissolve the excess oil off your face.

So i tried this and turns out that my acne indeed decreased and it also cleansed the pus out of pimples without having to pop them --> no scars ^^

Just try it, you'll see that it works!

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