DIY recipe - Moisturizing and gently exfoliating bath

Taking care of my skin (the daily routine) is something that just has to been done, so i don't really enjoy it. No, i do enjoy it in a certain way but i don't find it very relaxing nor does it make me feel luxurious. Like it says, it's a routine.

A warm bath, on the other hand, is something i LOVE to take the time for! But as we all know, hot water can be drying. Especially if you're sitting in it for over an hour! My trick to prevent this is taking a moisturizing bath.

How to do this

Fill the tub with water. Add one cup - or more- of fullfat milk. Relax and let the milk do it's job!
Tip: you can even take milk that isn't as fresh anymore. Actually, sour milk is even better!
If you think that just milk is too boring you can add bath oils, salts, essential oil or rose petals, etc.

You may ask yourself, why use milk? Because it contains lactic acid. This is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that gently exfoliates the dead skincells off of your body without having to use a scrub. So this is very good for sensitive skintypes!

I also find when i get out of the tub, my skin is less dry than compared to a regular hot bath.

Milk has become my HG bath additive (does that word excist??). Call me weird but i don't like bubble baths, all those bubbles just annoy me Oo

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