DIY recipe - Moisturizing and gently exfoliating bath

Taking care of my skin (the daily routine) is something that just has to been done, so i don't really enjoy it. No, i do enjoy it in a certain way but i don't find it very relaxing nor does it make me feel luxurious. Like it says, it's a routine.

A warm bath, on the other hand, is something i LOVE to take the time for! But as we all know, hot water can be drying. Especially if you're sitting in it for over an hour! My trick to prevent this is taking a moisturizing bath.

How to do this

Fill the tub with water. Add one cup - or more- of fullfat milk. Relax and let the milk do it's job!
Tip: you can even take milk that isn't as fresh anymore. Actually, sour milk is even better!
If you think that just milk is too boring you can add bath oils, salts, essential oil or rose petals, etc.

You may ask yourself, why use milk? Because it contains lactic acid. This is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that gently exfoliates the dead skincells off of your body without having to use a scrub. So this is very good for sensitive skintypes!

I also find when i get out of the tub, my skin is less dry than compared to a regular hot bath.

Milk has become my HG bath additive (does that word excist??). Call me weird but i don't like bubble baths, all those bubbles just annoy me Oo

Letting my mind run free

Eventhough it's only the beginning of September, the temperature has dropped a lot these days and i feel like the summer is coming to an just seemed like yesterday that i was lying on the beach, enjoying the warm strokes of sunrays *sigh*

Don't get me wrong, i like fall and winter too, in their own cold, wet and foggy way haha. No seriously, i love the beautifull reds of autumn and the pureness of white snow, the warm feeling you get of drinking hot coco... and big cozy scarves!

(Missoni fall 09)

Normally i'm always cold in the winter, no matter how big my sweaters are but looking at this i feel like i'm even ready for -10°C! Those scarves and gloves just look so soft, warm and cozy.

Which made me think, why don't i start knitting one of these myself?? It can't be that hard right? And it would be utterly foolish to spend, say 20 euros on something you can easily make youself for half the price!
And it would a good start for designing-and-sewing-my-own-clothes-project.

I already started searching for websites on this, i found this one with the basics on knitting and other helpfull stuff. It's in dutch but also has an English version.

I'm not quite sure how i want the scarf to be though... probably a light grey, no tassles, long enough so i can drape it around my neck but not too big, and the wool has to be soft.

Will be continued...

Yoga with Rainbeau Mars

One point of my first "eating great, losing weight" post was excersizing.
The problem is that my body is genetically pretty muscular for a woman so i had to pick a sport that would burn the calories and elongate my muscles instead making them even bigger. No woman wants to look like a quarterback, right?

So, i thought yoga would be the perfect pick for me. I started searching for videos or tips on how to do this and i found these videos by Rainbeau Mars on Youtube. I think videos are to promote her line she designed for/with Adidas but nevertheless the workout is awesome and really gets your heart pumping!

What i like about her workouts are her clear instructions and the fact that everything happens in a flowing movements.

I do have to warn you, if you are a beginner or not incredibly lean by nature you won't be able to do some of these moves at first. But the trick is to just keep practising!
Also, Rainbeau has made a few DVDs herself but i haven't checked those out yet. Maybe i should buy them, lots of people said they are pretty good.

If you wanna know more about her or yoga in general, i suggest you check her website. She's got many great tips on how to improve your yogaposes, what foods you should eat, etc.

And who knows, maybe in a few months -probably years hehe- i'll be as lean and toned as she is!

Quick stop at the drugstore equals another waste of money

What do you do if you have to wait 20 minutes before the bus arrives? Just sit on the bench and watch the traffic or check what's new at the drugstore?

Smart, lazy or greedy people would offcourse save their money and stay put. Too bad i'm not one of them

So yesterday i said to myself: I'm just gonna check without buying anything...well, we all know what happens next, right? Hehe

Fortunately these were on sale

Maybelline Water Shine Fusion in 712 Pink Potion (left) and 711 Rose boost (right)

711 is a bright pink with a slight plum undertone, 712 is pink with a bit peach in it with a pearly white (cooltoned) finish.
Neither of them actually look good on me, 711 looks a bit too pink and makes my skin look yellow and 711 is WAY too light because of the pearl finish.


One thing i did learn from this: my lips look incredibly orange compared to these lipsticks and 711 makes me look less yellow if i put a golden gloss on top --> i need to buy lipsticks with and orange/beige undertone.
No wonder every lipstick i've bought looked hideous and fake, it had the wrong undertones!

First makeup sale coming soon!

So if you want to grab a bargain, don't go to far!

I'm still debating if I should allow swapping as well...

Keeping skin free of acne: tip #2

Without further ado i will tell you my second tip in fighting acne:

When you wash your face, massage your cleansing gel or cream in you skin for AT LEAST 2 minutes. Especially when you wear makeup!

You are probably wondering: why 2 minutes? Because i noticed when i washed my face in a hurry that i got more pimples (even if you use toner afterwards).
This was because i didn't cleanse every part of my face as well and also because my cleanser didn't have the time to do it's job.

So if you take your time, your skin will be cleaner and you will be sure that all parts of your face are properly washed.

Another reason i recommend this is that dentists often say you should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes to get all the dirt and bacteria off.
So i figured that a facial cleanser would also probably need more than 30 seconds to dissolve the excess oil off your face.

So i tried this and turns out that my acne indeed decreased and it also cleansed the pus out of pimples without having to pop them --> no scars ^^

Just try it, you'll see that it works!

The Mohawk, en fran├žais

L'Officiel Paris, September 2009

An Eiffeltower mohawk, how genius ^^