Keeping skin free of acne: tip #1

In my battle against acne i have tried a lot of stuff to prevent blemishes from forming. In these series i will explain what i've tried and if it helped clearing my skin.

The first tip is

Change your pillowcases every single day

This might sound crazy to some (and other might think DUH when they read this ^^) but if you think about it it's actually totally logical.

Let's say for instance you change the pillowcase every week. Every night your pillowcase absorbs the sweat and sebum off your face and the natural oils of your hair. So the thirth, fourth, fifth and every night that follows you are resting your freshly washed and clean face on a dirty cloth.
And we're not even talking about those occasional lazy nights were you don't wash the makeup off.

So if you want to keep your face free of acne, change your pillowcase every night! Otherwise you shouldn't even bother washing your face

Note: if you want to be economical, you can flip the pillowcase over so that you only have to wash it every other day.

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