Eating great, losing weight - Getting started

The first post of my eating great, losing weight series! I chose this title instead of "Weightloss" because the main issue will be eating healthier than i do now,not losing weight. This is because in an attempt to lose weight people often just eat less, instead of eating healthier. As a result they will be skinnier but there bodies won't look toned.

That is NOT what i want. So, last night i weighed myself and the scale said 68 kg (150 pounds). And eventhough there is some pre-period weight gain involved, i was still shocked. I realised if i continued this way i would hit 70 kg within less than a year. So i said to myself, it's time to do something about it.

And this is how i'll do it

1. I will follow this, for the rest of my life. This won't be a diet but a change of eating habits.
2. Workout at least three times a week, preferably every day.
3. Drink enough water
4. Have at least one cup of green tea every day (helps breakdown of fatcells)
5. Eat vegetables at least 2 times a day.
6. Eat fish at least three times a week.
7. No more cookies, french fries, soda, ice cream, etc. This won't be so hard...

but i WILL miss these

8. Chocolate is allowed once a month (can be too harsh on myself right ^^)
9. I will no longer skip breakfast.
10. In the morning, i will drink a glass of water mixed juice of half a lemon (to cleanse the liver and get rid of toxins)

That's all i can think of for now...more rules will probably follow later.

What i want to achieve:

- Lose my little belly
- Have more energy
- Get betterlooking skin (more radiant, less acne)
- Get shinier and stronger hair and nails.

I hope it will work *crosses fingers*

Note: It might be usefull to know that my height is 1m68cm or 5'6", BMI is 24.

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